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..........A steel carport is an excellent way to protect your investments from the elements of :
....................Sun ~ Hail ~ Snow ~ Acid Rain ~ Birds ~ Tree Sap ~ Falling Branches

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Commercial buildings, homes, barns, workshops, carports, etc are now being built from steel as opposed to the wood structures of the past. See Advantages of Steel over Wood Structures.

Start with a Carport. Add sides, ends, and doors to make a garage, workshop, etc..


Our steel carports are made from the best material to provide superior strength and outstanding appearance while requiring very low maintenance. Square steel tubing is used instead of round tubes to provide the superior load bearing strength and provide a secure attachment of the sheet metal. All metal is galvanized or specially coated to prevent rust. The sheet metal will not peel, flake, or fade . See Material and Design Specifications

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12' x 21' with 5' legs

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We also sell small storage buildings.

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A description of the different types of carports with pricing information can be found by clicking on one of the following links .

Standard Steel Carport

A-Frame Steel Carport

--Triple Wide Carports Standard Style

Triple Wide Carports A-Frame Style

Utility Carports with 10' Enclosure

Fully Enclosed Buildings

Small Storage Sheds - Other sizes

Floor not included

Small Storage Sheds - Other sizes

Wooden Floors Included



Extra Wide Buildings and Carports

Barn Styles

A-Frame Style


Standard Style




You can start with the basic carports and add enclosed ends and sides to build a garage, workshop, barn, etc.

See Photos for more examples.